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Volume 59
Number 2

Invited Editorial
Prenatal Diagnosis: A Social Problem

Invited Review
Program for Prevention of a Considerable Number of Premature Births

Review Articles
Extremely Preterm Delivery: Prediction and Prevention

Review Articles
Cervical Volume and Flow Indices During Pregnancy by Transvaginal 3-Dimensional Ultrasonography and Doppler Angiography

Review Articles
Chronic Hypoxemia and Fetal Hemodynamics

Review Articles
Assessment of Chronic Fetal Hypoxaemia

Review Articles
Guidelines for Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Chronic Fetal Hypoxaemia

Review Articles
Genuine Gastrointestinal Diseases Underdiagnosed in Patients with Assumed Nausea and Emesis in Pregnancy

Case Reports
Surgical Termination of Pregnancy for Maternal Cardiac Disease: A Safer Option?

Review Articles
First Trimester Fetal Echocardiography. State of the Problem

Original Articles
Diabetes, Obesity and Excessive Weight Gain and Pregnancy Outcomes

Original Articles
Fetal Heart Rate Changes Associated With Baseline T/Qrs Rise Events in Acidotic Fetuses

Original Articles
Route of Delivery and Perinatal Results in Breech Presentation Before Term

Original Articles
Prenatal Evaluation and Outcome of 18 Fetuses with Single Umbilical Artery

Sonographic Determination of Gestational Age

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