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Volume 57
Number 1

Time to Reform the Higher Education

Invited Review
Vasoactive Drug Use in the Intensive Care Unit: A Pressing Clinical Decision

Original Articles
Reconstruction of the Calvarial Defects Using Custom-Made Cranioplasty Plates

Original Articles
A Study of Rehabilitation in Traumatic Meniscus Injuries

Original Articles
Beta-2 Microglobuline Biological Marker with Diagnostic and Prognosis Value in Multiple Myeloma

Original Articles
The Importance of the Presence/Absence of Striae Gravidarum During the Clinical and Therapeutical Evolution of Patients with Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy

Case Reports
Revision Laminectomy of the Lumbar Spine. A Report on Ten Cases

Case Reports
Hyperhomocysteinemia and Type II Protein S Deficiency - Causes of Multiple Arterial Thrombosis

Review Articles
Reducing Myocardial Reperfusion Injury by Postconditioning

Review Articles
The Molecular and Physiopathological Mechanisms Involved in Response Reduction to Chronic Diuretics Therapy

Review Articles
Treatment of Chronic C Hepatitis in HIV-Infected Patients

Original Articles
Investigation of the Binary Systems of Albendazole with Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin

Original Articles
A Pharmacological Study of the Anti-Inflammatory Action of Vegetal Products Obtained From the Aerial Parts and Seeds of Nigella Sativa and Damascena

Echocardiographic Assessment of "Forgotten Valve"

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