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Volume 56
Number 4

The future of medical publishing

Invited Review
The use of an enamel matrix protein derivative (Emdogain) in regenerative periodontal therapy. Which applications are evidence-based? In-vitro studies.

Original Articles
Dento-facial features of children diagnosed with scoliosis and Scheuermann's disease

Original Articles
Caries scores in Hungarian adolescents wearing the Alexander fixed orthodontic appliance

Original Articles
Effects of fluoride mouth-rinses for preventing dental caries

Original Articles
A comparison of conventional radiographs and digitally enhanced images for caries detection using receiver operating characteristic analysis

Original Articles
E-glass fibers reinforced complete acrylic resin removable denture. Preliminary results of a clinical study

Original Articles
New studies of fixed partial prostheses analysis. Bidimensional photoelasticity approach

Original Articles
Informatics systems for the analysis of removable partial dentures

Original Articles
Effect of design modifications on back-action clasps flexibility

Review Articles
Oral manifestations of the human herpesviruses

Review Articles
Recent data on in the incidence, prevalence and etiology of the oral leukoplakia

Original Articles
Surgical management and outcome in primary cardiac tumors

Original Articles
Genetic polymorphisms of thymidylate synthase (TS) and risk of sporadic colorectal cancer in Romanian patients

Case Reports
FISH analysis, essential test for diagnosis elucidation in two clinically resembling genetic syndromes: Rett and Angelman syndromes

Surgical nervous decompression as a treatment for distal symmetric diabetic polyneuropathy

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