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Prof. Mihai Ionac, 2 Eftimie Murgu Pl., 300041 Timisoara, Tel: +40-256-216510
The 49th year of continuous publication of the Timisoara Medical Journal means entering in a new stage. The journal surpasses the borders of the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, becoming, day-by-day, its genuine ambassador. The editorial board has broadened with distinguished colleagues from Romania and abroad. The board of reviewers has almost doubled its members during the last year, allowing this way significantly faster processing times for articles and therefore less delay in publishing. The peer review process has become more efficient through the prompt, enthusiastic and professional support of our colleagues working in foreign Universities.
The members of the editorial and review boards have been selected according to their publications in journals quoted by PubMed, ISI, Index Medicus, etc.
The website of our journal – vital for its visibility and communication – has been dramatically improved and included in numerous search engines or other national and international sites.
The best proof of the quality increase of Timisoara Medical Journal, of the rigorous selection of the articles and finally of its professional format is its inclusion among the periodicals printed under the patronage of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences starting January 12th 2005. During the same month, TMJ was included in an international database – Sociedad Iberoamericana de Informacion Cientifica (SIIC) Data Bases. Starting 2005 all articles published in TMJ will be included in SIIC’s Biomedical Library.
The permanent efforts of the editorial board have pushed the journal closer to its ambitions. TMJ filters knowledge in its pages, betters the scientific communication and aims at achieving the requirements of the international journals, with high citation indexes, in which all members of the academic community should publish.

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